Find Out What You Can Afford

Many of us like to go into a situation prepared… whether saving for a vacation or your child’s education, or trying to figure out what kind of a loan you can afford as you go car or home shopping. It’s nice to have an idea of what we’re getting into before we plunge into the process.

Cogic Credit Union is pleased to supply you with several Loan and Savings Calculators to help you figure out where you stand now or to help you plan for your future. These calculations are just a guide and in no way official. Please consult Cogic Credit Union to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives to determine what products you qualify for as well as the terms that come with your personal situation.

Loan Calculators

How can I pay off my loan debt?
How much will my loan payments be?
How much will my monthly vehicle payments be?
How much can I afford for a vehicle?
Which is the best vehicle loan?
Should I take the rebate or special financing?

Savings Calculators

What will my savings be worth?
How long before my savings goals are met?
What will it take to save for college?
What will it take to become a millionaire?